I'm Simon Hasur, male, born 1989, in Europe (Hungary).

Originally I had started off by developing software, operating with the C and C++ programming languages, focusing on programs featuring 3D graphics. Being a very simple person, not being so tied to any particular protocols, I was constantly searching new topics and interests to get into.
So, near 2010, when I was around 19, I started to make a truck simulator and came across the dynamics of articulated bodies: there I started to experiment with innovative methods in this field, using the Lagrangian Dynamics as a method. And a valange of discoveries started at that point.

Soon I had acquired also other fields of interest: Algorithms, Numerical Methods and Simulation Techniques ; and around 2015, when I was 26, also Applied Mathematics. I made significant contribution in all of these 3 fields, amounting to around 14 theorems : all of them rather significant in application, as well as in theory.

I meanwhile developed 4 software packages with plenty of examples ready to use, all released as Open-Source software. These include:
1. An innovative 3D articulated-body simulator, called L.D.N.F.S. ( written in the standard C programming language ) ;
2. A terrain- or surface-rendering module ( called New Terrain System ) which can be used also for pure polygonal surface-approximation and modelling ( written in C++ ) ;
3. A 3D map- or road-network rendering engine ( called Map System) with fast contact-detection and rendering of also multi-level and curved segments or roads, rendered with dynamic LOD ( written in C++ ) ;
4. A 3D cityside environment rendering program, called FalansterCity3D ( written in JavaScript ) .
Well, about FalansterCity3D rendering-engine computer-program, we could say that it's also a sort of enhanced clone of GTA 1/2 and 3 , with realistic 2D collisions and city-rendering based on the usage of the Map System library. Although presented as a game, it's the experimental prototype of a piece of software which, at it's full maturation, should allow very fast rendering of 3D maps, alongside with generic urban city-side environments, with also traffic-simulation encorporated in it ( which could be just turned on or off according to the needs ). The main aim of this piece of software, is to experiment with minimalism in rendering-engines (and similar pieces of software like game-engines as well). The containment of the lenght of the sourcecode, allows in fact to write it in JavaScript, so as to make this program available practically on ALL computing systems, as it's sufficient that they can run a browser which supports the excecution of programs written in JavaScript ; and makes if also easy and quick to reimplement this seme rendering-engine in other programming-languages as well ( for example C++), which even having compatibility issues on some computing platforms, is able to bring other benefits. Work is still in progress, and the latest version at which the development has gotten, can be tried out on my website.

Plus a good number of various videogames, 3D for the most part: to mention some,
1. An off-road driving simulator called New CTruck3D Rally ;
2. A flight-simulator called FlightCraft3D: the Return ;
3. A bunch of typical mini-games ;

With the help of a friend I learned a bit to make websites, and created a large online portal dedicated to Algorithms, Numerical Methods and Simulation Techniques ; plus Applied Mathematics. In written, as well as video form. The website The Nerd of Algorithms, available at:
A website whose primary purpose is to help those people to stand up, who ended at the margins of society because of their nerdism.
On this portal is convered also, in written as well as video form, the documentation of the 4 main software-packages I made.

Currently I am still writing the documentation for the L.D.N.F.S. simulator: which is actually a complete guide-book introducing not only to the usage of the simulator, but also to the new flavour of the Lagrangian Dynamics which is at the heart of the Simulator's functioning ( which eliminates the difficulties of the classical approach to Lagrangian Dynamics... to inherit instead only it's stenghts ) .
While as to scientific research and/or mathematics and Algorithms, I am trying to device an enhanced version of the Map System library, based on some new frontiers in Graph Theory with which I have recently been fiddling around a bit. Alongside with this, I am also experimenting with some new possibilities that the JavaScript programming-language could bring to areas where it is not really used, or considered either, to this date. In particular, I am considering to develop for it some math-libraries, including not only a set of standard numerical methods, but also an LCP- and in general MP-solver library.

As to languages, I speak perfectly: Hungarian, Italian, English ; and at a medium level: German.

Now I'm 27 years' old: and as a long-term aim for the remaining part of my life, the objective is to re-establish the long-estinguished figure of the bombastic-type of mathematician, who does research in applied as well as theoretical math and related things (like Algorihthms in my case), and finally uses as much as possible of the theoretical tools, to also solve practical problems (the more many, and the more significant ones, the better).

To conclude, an addition:
Various short-essays written and video-essays made ; including also a non-fiction video-series entitled Noob Hardcore Videogamer ( or simply NHV ), came to 5, av.30-min episodes so far.